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Saturday, August 08, 2009
What in the world might the President of France (whatever his name is) have to do with Shas?

Nothing... except for a terrorist.

A short while back, Israeli police caught an Arab terrorist in the midst of organizing a terror attack. He had already acquired a weapon, a plan of attack, and a target. He was just waiting for the opportunity.

The police caught him, and since then, the terrorist has been receiving various levels of support from the government of France, because he is also a French citizen.

Talk about concern for your citizens.

Last week, the President of France actually sent a letter to Bibi asking for him to let the terrorist go!

Shas is extremely angry about this.

Why would that be? It's only one more terrorist to be let out of jail.

What makes him so special?

It turns out that the target the terrorist was planning to shoot was none other than Rav Ovadia Yosef - the spiritual leader of Shas.

I guess that's why this terrorist is different.


mrzee said...

Their concern for their citizens seems rather selective. Gilad Shalit is also a French citizen and I don't recall them trying to help him get released.

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