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Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Here's to you Mary Robinson, Obama loves you more than you will know.

Obama had "no second thoughts" as He gave one of America's highest medals to the woman that presided over of the biggest Anti-Semitic hate-fest (Durban) in recent years.

Jonathan Tobin of the JP is worried that this is a lead-in to far worse.

I agree with him, but am not sure why he is surprised.

Jewish Leftists (not referring to Tobin here at all, but J-L in general - both the self-hating kind and the naive kind) tend to ignore that (or minimize, or sometimes agree with) their non-Jewish compatriots on the Left are extremely anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. One merely has to look at the US academic campuses to see that.

But these Jews believe they share with them other common Leftist ideals that are just as important, not understanding that the most important ideals and goals for these Leftists is the one that marks them as different.

Obama is part of that radical Left. The well-known JP interview before the elections were the first open indications of His stance on Israel - and that He was going to take an active and bad role against us.

There are no surprises here, and yes, I am sure you can consider this a lead-up to something worse.


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