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Saturday, January 26, 2008
Or so goes the claim in Gaza.

Here is a Reuters photo from a Gaza parliament meeting taken last week by the unbiased media. You can see all the Gazan Parliamentarians forced by Israel to legislate by candlelight.

Of course, if you look a little closer, at the top left window, around the closed drapes covering the windows, or more specifically at the light streaming in from around (and even through) the drapes, you’ll see that this staged photograph was taken in the middle of the day.

JoeSettler wants to know, hasn't the media agencies learned anything since the Lebanon war, or are they willing dupes?


Rafi G. said...

very cool..

Keli Ata said...

It's like playing 'Where's Waldo' or 'I Spy with My Little Eye'

You have to look (not too hard) to spot the deception.

Anonymous said...

My guess would be "willing dupes".

Batya said...

Do you expect anything honest from them?

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