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Tuesday, January 08, 2008
As I read this article, I thought to myself, "What a joke."

Not that I don't expect them to do it, but more because there were supposed to be international observation forces on the Egypt-Gaza border, and look how fast they ran after the first sign of trouble.

Now the US is thinking of sending troops the West Bank to secure the area after Israel is forced or chooses evacuate more of our country?

Let's see. They aren't thinking of sending troop to Gaza, much less the Gaza border, yet we are supposed to take them seriously that they will actually send troops into Shchem to find and stop bomb factories, and suicide bombers?

The US probably looks at how many of their soldiers dies every week in Iraq from suicide bombers, and how many Israeli soldiers don't die every week from suicide bombers and reached the wrong conclusion that a patrol in the Nablus Kasbah will be a piece of cake.

Of course that isn't what they are thinking.

They aren't planning on sending US troops at all.

They are thinking of NATO troops, or Jordanian and Egyptian troops.

Got that?

Egypt and Jordan couldn't beat us militarily, so through "peacekeeping" they will get to place their heavily armed troops inside our borders en masse.

What I don't get is if he is already planning on putting Jordanian soldiers on Israel's soil, then just give the "Palestinians" Jordanian citizenship already, and follow it up with Benny Elon's IsraelInitiative plan.

The reality is, this whole idea of theirs is an admission of failure.

It means that the Palestinians cannot and are incapable of controlling their own destiny and lives, and this is the US and Israel's way of not having to admit that publicly.

So, instead of a workable solution, here is yet another very bad idea.


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