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Thursday, January 03, 2008
OK Class. Let’s Review.

Before the Expulsion, the following claims were made:

1) The Expulsion would improve Israel’s international image.
2) The Expulsion would reduce the demands for Israel to make territorial concessions.

A study was recently completed by 2 researchers at Hebrew University.

They discovered, by reviewing thousands of statements by leaders, politicians, ministers and newspapers, that the exact opposite of the above claims has since occurred.

1) Israel’s international image is far worse now than before the Expulsion.
2) There is a stronger and increased demand on Israel to make further “territorial concessions”.

Now to those of us who properly protested the Expulsion, this reaction is quite expected.

To those who believed those nonsensical claims before the Expulsion, I’m sure they’ll find some excuse to pooh-pooh these finding.

No matter.

We’ll continue to build our lives and towns, and walk through all of Israel. And they'll continue to try to destroy everything good.

No news here at all.


Batya said...

common sense?
Peres is a dreamer, oy vey

Yehudi said...

Joe, these events really grieve my heart. My blood boils whenever I read about Olmert and his desire to hand over our land to the pseudo-stinians, (and any other terrorist entity that would like to participate), and how he cows to Pres. Bush who is pushing him to make concessions that put Israel's security in serious jeapardy. It is a tragic situation that needs serious Divine Intervention.

Olmert and his governemt needs to be removed, (forcibly if necessary), before HaKotel is in the enemy's hands once again.

Yehudi said...

Joe, I'm blogrolling you...I really enjoy your blog here. Keep up the good fight!

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