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Thursday, January 10, 2008
While George Bush is trying to spread democracy in Iraq, Ehud Olmert is killing democracy in Israel.

This anti-democratic government has decided that in light of Bush’s visit to Israel, all basic democratic rights are to be thrown out the window. I’m surprised he hasn’t declared martial law.

People have been arrested and detained for nothing more than hanging up posters, holding up posters, and now, even giving out information booklets to reporters.

Yesterday, Susie Dym and 2 other volunteers were harassed, detained and arrested by the police for giving out an information booklet that details Abbas’s governments involvement in terrorism.

So that you don’t think that this is some sort of right-wing crackpot document, let me explain that it was published by the Center for Near East Policy Research at the Beit Agron International Press Center in Jerusalem and distributed under the auspices of the National Council of Young Israel – most likely the organization your shul is chaptered under.

And if you think they were trying to give it to Bush or Rice and were breaching security barriers to do so, you’d be wrong.

They were quietly standing outside the Dan Panorama hotel, giving it out to foreign journalists staying there, so the journalists could get a better background and perspective of the real facts.

But that is the problem. The real facts are not what the Olmert government wants people to hear, so they will use any illegal and anti-democratic methods to silence any opposition.

Hattip: Arutz-7


Anonymous said...

This had to be lampooned and indeed it was. Here:

Batya said...

How could you leave out those little girls still in jail?

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