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Friday, January 18, 2008
Instead of going all out against the Kassam fire from Gaza and the Gazan government, the Olmert government has decided to restrain and arrest the residents of Sderot.

On Thursday night, no longer able to quietly take the government’s inaction and emasculated and constrained responses to the expanding rocket barrage against them, residents of Sderot began a large spontaneous protest demonstration against the government.

Two of the protesters were arrested for “Disturbing the Peace” (really!)

You gotta love that one.


Rafi G. said...

they are probably safer (from Kassams) in jail than they were at home, so it is all for the best... :-)

Anonymous said...

That is so funny.

My wife said the same exact thing.

Anonymous said...

Does firing of Kassams at civilian communities constitute "disturbing the peace" too? (One gets the impression that the government doesn't think so.)

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