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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
The truth is, I'm having a great time with the JIB Awards. But the managers/committee made one big mistake which they will definitely have to fix next year (and I hope there will be JIB Awards again next year).

(They made 2 mistakes actually, next year, voters should register to vote via an email account to minimize the purposeful disruptions someone is trying to do to the contest).

There is no question they will have to make a professional blog category and a normal blog category - and no intermixing between the two.

And every blog in Arutz-7 will fall in the professional category (regardless of the content).

The JIB Awards, as they are structured now, are a popularity contest, not a quality contest, and while in a quality contest my blog would beat all of their blogs hands down, the reality is that my readership is dwarfed by their newspaper, so when they tell their readers to vote for their blogs - on their front page, of course they are going to wipe out the rest of us normal bloggers.

Though truth be told, after reading their article I was expecting to be losing by a few thousand votes, not a mere 100.

I have no problem with commercially promoting your blog, after all, that's what this contest is about - getting new people to read your blog.

But not to denigrate (too much) their blogs, how many people would actually read them if they weren't published on Arutz-7?

Maybe Olmert was right for shutting them down afterall!

I am going to moderate comments on this post with a heavy hand. I don't want people to assume that I am giving license and liberty to attack the JIB Awards or Arutz-7 - as I highly respect both and the people involved with them.


tafka PP said...

Disclaimer or no disclaimer, I never thought I'd see the day...:-D More posts like this please!

And even I prefer reading your blog to all their ones which are beating you.

haKiruv said...

I think Akiva has been working very hard to address those issues with the JIBs.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Wow...what a quote from TAFKAPP!

Joe, you should put that quote from her on your blog; "What they say about JoeSettler"

JoeSettler said...


(or maybe first Dov Bear and then Purple Parrot - no matter)


IT IS BEING ABUSED BY THE FORCED OF EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JoeSettler said...

The quote will say: "tafka pp: I prefer reading your blog"

Anonymous said...

Ein k'mo JoeSettler!


Lurker said...

Well, well, well... Look who's everybody's best friend now...

JoeSettler said...

Lurker: Nothing like attacking your own.

tafka PP said...

Don't worry, Lurker, I think Joe and I still have a long way to go before we get to best friends: After all- I only said I liked his blog better than the A7-sponsored dross of Fundamentally Flawed, Irrelevant Perspectives and the Tamar Yawn Show.

- and I expect that comment to be "heavily moderated"

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