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Thursday, May 10, 2007
There's a joke in Israel that those who don't make it as criminals become cops.

Arutz-7 has a disturbing, though far from unbelievable article/video on their site which alleges that the police forged a video to try to prove that they gave orders, in advance, NOT to use excessive force in Amona.

The Arutz-7 team takes apart this video in their video showing serious inconsistencies and other problems with the video which seem to indicate that it is a forgery.

One would think that after the obviously edited Kepler video, they’d get a little bit smarter (either by doing the videos better, or by not doing them at all).

I will only say, watch the video for yourself and decide.


Anonymous said...

You know the Police response to the discovery of their poorly forged video(I am a videographer and this is almost comically poor) they said that Dr. Kleiner who discovered that the video is forged might be brought up on charges.

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