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Sunday, May 27, 2007
Little did I know that on Friday when I went for a Top Secret Pow-Wow with Baruch Marzel at Ma'arat HaMachpela...

That I would bump into, none other than, Jameel and his son (and the rest of the Muqata clan - all armed to the teeth mind you)...

It seems that son number 2 (of 18) from wife # 1 (of 4) was putting on his tefillin for the first time. After some mumbled explanation as to what I was doing at the Tomb of the Patriarchs (I obviously couldn't mention the secret meeting with Baruch Marzel) I was invited to daven with Muqata clan.

With me at the Pow-Wow was one of my extended relatives (who we'll call Aleph).


Aleph's grandmother and great-uncles were prominent members of the Hebron community until 1929, owning homes and property going back to "time immemorial".

During the 1929 Arab massacre of the Jewish community of Hebron the family managed to escape through a series of miracles.

But, the family got separated in the turmoil of the massacre.

Aleph’s grandfather made it to Jerusalem, while Aleph’s grandmother and some of her brothers couldn’t manage to sneak past the marauding Arabs and found themselves trapped.

Suddenly, an Arab neighbor (whom they had good relations with) grabbed them and hid them inside the Maarat Hamachpela. After hours of hiding, some British soldiers extracted them and brought them to Jerusalem.

At that point they learned that one of Aleph’s many uncles (a baby at the time) was left behind in one of their homes!

So a rescue mission was organized by the family and they then snuck back into Hevron during the massacre, got to the house, found the baby and snuck back into Jerusalem –again through another series of miracles.

On the way out we drove by Beit HaShalom – the building recently acquired by the Jewish Hebron Community.


Jack Steiner said...

Good story. I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Hey - that is pretty funny.

You put up your post on JoeSettler and JBlog Central automatically ranked it with a 2:

But your version posted on the Muqata got you an automated 4 !!!

(Things that make you go hmmm)

Lurker said...

So, why is Aleph's head exploding?

JoeSettler said...

He's on fire. He's Holy.

Anonymous said...

I was supposed to go :(

A change in plans on Jameel's end led to me staying in Jerusalem that morning, instead. The change in plans was due to another family simcha, though. The best reason to cancel/change plans, it seems.

Still, it turns out I wasn't very far away from a couple of J-Bloggers this past Shabbat. Just accross the road, you know.

Lori said...


Anonymous said...

l-l: What part is "ohmygawd"?

Lori said...

LOL. You are funny, Joe

Lori said...

You all over there in your little group like my aleph, admit it.

Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

Joe: Too bad I haven't been at the Ma'ara in some time. Last time in Hebron, I was there for the donation of the Torah scroll in the name of Rechavam Ze'evi(H"YD) and saw all our greats there. The time before Baruch and I played some quality ping-pong. You ever take on any of the Marzel family in ping-pong? Lemme tell you, Joe, I don't know you personally, but I'm willing to bet Baruch wins 21-15 or less.

Anyhow, my regards to Jameel, "aleph" and Baruch! I heard our guys are going on a campaign to restart the good ol' party. Hope things work out, be'ezrat Hashem.

Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

Joe: I've just posted on the Rabbi, Binyamin Ze'ev K., their murderers and my personal experience within the org. Please check out my article @ I'd be glad to hear from you.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Nice Hawaiian shirt.

Lady-Light said...

Another winner. Not going to comment on the Hevron massacre. I might end up grabbing my sword and killing somebody.
Instead, gonna ask important question: how do you get those little happy faces over Jameel and his family? And that nice fire over your relative?
Seriously. Can't figure out how to do it, or I would've posted my pic long ago ;-)

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