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Friday, May 25, 2007
I was in Sanhendria yesterday. Had dinner with the family at "Pizza City".

I would rank their pizza at being as good as pizza in New York (which is, of course, my highest ranking).

Check it out.

Tell them JoeSettler sent you.


Unknown said...

Pizza City is, for Israeli places, quite good.

It's as good as most NYC places, which, of course, means it's "slightly above average".

Geez, people have low standards these days.

Anonymous said...

That's the one with the really thick crust, right? Tastes very good - kind of reminds me of the French Bread pizza I used to eat.

Jack Steiner said...

I would rank their pizza at being as good as pizza in New York

The problem is that New York pizza is like all things New York, a lot of hype.

JoeSettler said...

Jack: "hype"! You are obviously a hillbilly who lives neither in the New York or Israel. :)

Jack Steiner said...


It is not my fault that you have been so sheltered. The next time you dodge enough kassams to come out my way I'll show you real pizza. ;)

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