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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
There are three questions we need to ask about the Gaza (un)civil war.

1) Is it sustainable?
2) Is it containable?
3) What steps need to be taken to ensure sustainment and containment?

The problem with these questions is that they would all be moot if Israel would simply go back in, reconquer the region, resettle it with Jews, and kick out the problematic Gazans to Egypt and let it be their problem.

But alas as no one in the Israeli government is prepared to take such steps, so we must consider plan B.

In answer to question 1, I definitely believe we can ensure that this civil war continues.

To answer 3a, first we need to make sure all sides and individuals have access to small arms and ammunition. A move the government and the EU have already undertaken. Next we need to ensure that all sides have enough intelligence information as to the exact locations their Gazan adversaries and opposition. And finally, we should make sure to instigate them against one other during potential lull in the fighting.

That should ensure sustainability.

In answer to question 2, is more problematic as the government isn’t prepared to take the minimum steps required to stop the Kassams. The actual steps involve reconquering the region, but at a minimum, making their staging and launching areas a(n expanding) no-man zone would be a good start. Of course, this would mean eventually emptying out Gaza, but that is the end-goal.

Certainly shutting off their water and electricity at every attack, and airdropping notes in Arabic that state clearly that the water and electricity are turned off because of the Kassam attacks should have some positive effect on containment.

This will help also help with sustainment.

So that should answer question 3b.

In short the Gazan civil war can be made containable and sustainable. It is only a matter of choice.

RafiG also has a solution.


Anonymous said...

agreed...emptying out gaza of the arabs is the goal.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Joe.

JoeSettler said...

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