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Saturday, October 28, 2006
Nothing, in my eyes, would prove to me more, that the world was truly interested in peace in the Middle East than if the world put their money where their mouth was.

Arutz-7 had a link to this poll done by Bir Zeit University.

It show quite lot of interesting information.

First of all, 32.4% of all Palestinians want to emigrate and leave Palestine Israel. 44% of Palestinians in the 20-30 year old range want to emigrate. For those even younger, the numbers surge to above 50%.

In short, from the total 2.5 million Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza combined, somewhere in the range of at least 1 million (if not more) want to leave to go elsewhere.

Yet what is stopping them?

Answer: Other countries don’t want more Arabs Palestinians for whatever reason. Yet, that would definitely bring peace to the Middle East (when 1 million leave the other million will follow). Benny Elon has again raised the idea of a fund to help Arab families immigrate.

Isn’t it time the rest of the world started putting their money where their mouth was.

Instead of trying to foist another terrorist state on the world and additional capitulations onto Israel, instead they should open their doors wide in the name of peace.

I’ve discussed this in the past:


In other interesting news, for some reason Tzippi Livni feels it her job to convince Americans that Israel doesn’t suffer from 1 terrorist attack a week. Livni is apparently unaware of the more accutate number of around 5 attacks per week - unless she doesn’t count terrorist attacks against citizens and Israeli soldiers over the green line as either being in Israel,or more likely, as a terrorist attack.

Can this government fall any lower? (Don’t answer).

By the way, start getting those DVDs ready, nothing interesting is going to be on TV anymore by the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

As usual-bullseye.Their own arabs do not want them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a bit more bombing and starving will get them moving?

Afterall, no sacrifice is too great in the name of peace, is it?

Anonymous said...

Why send them to Muslim countries?

according to Canada, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, and Romania are all taking them in.

- Freedom of migration is a basic human right protected under the 1946 UN Declaration of Human Rights.

-How can anyone be against the prerogative of a Palestinian Arab to build a new life in a country of his or her choice?

-There currently is no other organized system to provide assistance in emigration to Palestinians living in buffer zones and in the crossfire.

-While getting an airline ticket is no problem, obtaining a visa and security clearance from the Arab village to the airport is problematic. has established a mechanism for the orderly and compassionate emigration of innocent families to supportive countries.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a rail system can be developed to move them more efficiently?

The lines can run to recipient countries, with "holding camps" located along the way.

I beleive that there are some logistics experts in Germany who have experience with such a system.

JoeSettler said...

Michael: I don't know if you are being sarcastic or serious.

Until it came to Israel (except for Jews) population transfers is/was an acceptable method of removing conflict.

And while the Germans are good at moving large groups of people, the point here is to let the Arabs in Occupied Israel start a new life on a good foot - but elsewhere, hopefully picking up civilized values along the way (such as it's impolite to blow up citizens of your host country along with yourself).

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