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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
After catching Palestinians on video cutting down their own trees, and getting recorded conversations of them describing how specific Human Rights organizations urged them to file false charges against settlers (such as Avry Ran) you would think certain people would have learned by now that a people willing to send their own children to blow themselves up have no compunction about exploiting their own livelihood for the same evil cause.

Nor do we expect anything positive from the “Human Rights” organizations either who know about about and even participate in these shennanigans.

Today, under cover of the “Harvest” a Palestinian was caught (yet another one) infiltrating into the settlement of Mitzpe Yitzhar. Luckily he was caught before he was able to hurt anyone (he was attempting to burn a house down).

All this happened as Palestinians (as normal) threw rocks at Jewish cars passing near Beit Lechem and Jenin today (as they often do) injuring a human being.

The truth is, a government not willing to do what is necessary to defend the citizens of Sderot and the South isn’t about to do what is necessary to stop the P&HR manipulations of harvest time to attack Jews.

Feiglin for Prime Minister


Michael said...

All of this could have been avoided 35 years ago, if the gov't had just put depo provera in the pallys water. They accuse of that shit, anyway.

The women would have gone sterile, and the men would have grown breasts and been too ashamed to leave the house. Problem solved, and no has to get hurt. Is it too late?

Anonymous said...
sad truth or humorless joke?

BoneCrusher said...

You can see that the government is only intersted in oppressing Jews.

Check out the picture of the riot police guarding the Arabs on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Feiglin? Wake up. Feiglin is a well meaning geek. Open your eyes. You're a pretty rational guy otherwise. But Feiglin? Feiglin will always remain a geek in glasses with no real influence anywhere (not even Likud!). If Feiglin is your bet... you lost already. And don't think Hazit/Herut are any better less marginal. I'll give you a hint.. starts with a big L.

Anonymous said...

Woelmert cares about one thing only, himself. Hear anything recently about the kidnapped soldiers? Of course not. Olmert in Russia is whats important. Sderot is an afterthought.

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