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Monday, October 09, 2006
Who knew how prescient I could be? We all knew how right I am, but for my call to implement something important and necessary over a year ago and finally see it happen, that's just good!

Jameel would probably say at this point, “Don’t hurt your arm patting yourself on the back.”

Uzi Landau has begun a
new program he calls "Zionist Camp". The purpose is to take Israelis on tours of Judea and Samaria to introduce them to what are missing and don’t know when it comes to the Land of Israel.

I introduced
this idea over a year ago with my birthright! Yesh(a) plan.

At the time I stated that the Expulsion succeeded in happening because the people and the soldiers had never once stepped foot in the Jewish Gaza towns. All they knew was the images and stories the media fed them, and once we reached the expulsion stage it was too late. My plan was to set up a program to open the eyes of the average Israeli and realize that what the media feeds them and the images that are put into their heads simply conflict with the reality they would see with their own eyes if presented the opportunity.

Uzi Landau has picked up the ball I placed on the field and is running with it.

Good luck to him.

Quite fascinating, Anshel Pfeffer wrote
an interesting article in the JPost today comparing the image/stereotype of the "Occupied" Golan Heights vs. "Occupied" Judea and Samaria. Admittedly he may have been comparing apples and oranges here and there, and skimming over a few minor details, but overall his message is that Israelis are willing to accept annexing certain post 1967 territories and not demanding "peace" treaties when it suits them, particularly while ignoring the exact same things that bother them elsewhere.

Israelis visit the Golan and that has made it inseparable in Israeli eyes.

Uzi Landau hopes to do the same with Judea & Samaria.

We all hope he succeeds.


Anonymous said...

This was and is a wonderful idea - both yours and the implementation by Uzi Landau.
I have some questions -
Is this an "open" program?
Will this become part of the curriculum of the school system?
Who is he reaching out to now?
How is he reaching out?
Who helps fund this project?
Looking forward to your responses.

Anonymous said...

Great people think great ideas.
More and more hopefully Zionist education and Jewish history will be emphasized.

BoneCrusher said...

If you cant make it in person check out the travelogs on my blog.

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