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Sunday, October 22, 2006
I can’t begin to describe how bad this is.

It’s not bad enough we have Prime Minister’s with rubber stamp cabinets, now with the Lieberman's “reform” passing, we can dispense with the cabinet and Knesset completely.

Lieberman’s so called “Presidential Reform” merely (“merely” sic) makes the Prime Minister an all powerful dictator with no checks and balances whatsoever.

I find myself at a loss for words, and while I usually can’t stand what Halkin has to write, in this case I 100% agree with what he has to say, and he says it much better than me.

If this goes through in the Knesset, this will be a really bad day for Israel.

One of the political twists in the story of Purim is how Achashverosh originally had a cabinet of advisors and experts on Persian law. They helped run the country and acted as counterbalance for one another and the king.

Once Haman took over, only one voice was heard, Haman’s, and things went downhill from there. At the end of the Megillah we see that Achashverosh reinstated his cabinet when he saw that checks and balances were needed, even for a king.

Lieberman doesn’t just want to be Prime Minister of Israel. He wants to be the all-powerful Prime Minister of Israel. We already see that his idea of what a “right-winger” is, is not at all connected to what we as Jews want.

Let’s not make the same mistake we made with Sharon, and are making with Netanyahu. Lieberman is dangerous to Israel – and not just to the right-wingers.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyone else out there who sees and understands it like you?
Writing and bringing it to our attention is the way to go but what about the course of "action"?
Sounds like you need flyers or something to go around & try to bring all these things to the attention of "all" Israelis.
My frustration level has just reached the heights.

JoeSettler said...

Prof. Paul Eidelberg, sometimes (anonymous) guest commentator on this blog has written an important article on this issue:

bar_kochba132 said...

I really like your blog, so please do not get offended if I say that I was really put off by the title...about packing bags. One should never say such a thing in Eretz Israel (Leah Rabin said that when Peres lost the 1996 election)! Eretz Israel is not the enemy, it is the corrupt post-Zionist gang that is in power that is the problem. They could EASILY be knocked out of power IF THE pro-Jewish elements in the country (a clear majority) would get their act together, something they have refused to do up until now. As I have stated in the past, such a change would be bad, but it wouldn't make the situation we have today really much it is now there is no partisan political life in Israel, it makes no difference what the composition of the Knesset or the government coalition is...the same policies would be carried out. The only difference having a "right-wing" party in power makes is that it is easier to destroy YESHA yishuvim, arrest Jewish activists, cut religious services and budgets after all...because as George Orwell said in "Animal Farm"---"surely you don't want Jones back"...i.e. Right-wingers don't care if "their" goverment carries out the policies of the Left, so long as Peres or whoever isn't in.
That is why the supporters of the Likud, MAFDAL and National Union passively accepted the atrocity of Gush Katif...."our big, tough, Sharon is doing it so it must be all right!" Once this mentality is broken, then a better system can be put in power. Until then, we will continue to suffer, but that day will definitely come.

JoeSettler said...

bk: I stand corrected. The title has been changed.

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