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Sunday, October 08, 2006
Shades of Amona!

I happened to have been speaking to Nadia Matar when she pointed out something very scary.

I don’t know who remembers, but before the government’s Amona Pogrom, the evil Olmert government sent out orders against various Jews. Some were placed in administrative detention, some were restricted from returning to their homes in Yesh(a), and so on.

As of this week, in the past month, some 18 Jews have now been given court orders forbidding them from going to their own homes in the Shomron!

18 Jews forbidden to go to their own homes because the government has decided that they are a threat to the next Pogrom - exactly as Olmert did before his last pogrom.

And yes, that is what is on Olmert’s agenda today.

He now needs to divert attention away from his scandals and failures, and what better way than by attacking the Settlers.

Realignment is not off the map. The lines have already been drawn, and the next pogrom is around the corner.

Wake up!


Michael said...

I get happier every day that I didn't vote for this joker.

bar_kochba132 said...

Unfortunately, I am afraid that you are right, although I still prefer this group of gangsters to be in power than the really vile Likud. It is the Likud that has done the most damage to the country and more specifically, the YESHA communities. I believe it will be easier to mobilize people to oppose this gang than if "our" Likud were in the driver's seat. In the papers today they are claiming that Avigdor Lieberman wants to join the coalition. G-D FORBID! They also claim they want to go to a "Presidential system" which would be even worse than the current oligarch-controlled system. At least now there is a theoretical possibility of removing the gang in power early (if, of course, the people decide at some time in the future to stand up to the oligarchs who really control the Knesset and all the other arms of state coercion), a Presidential system would leave the current dictator in power with no way of toppling him early.

Anonymous said...

nu and b'kitzur ? you can count on me being there, but what about the others?

Anonymous said...

Forget it... everyone is sleeping. no oine gives a damn.

Is anyone going to bail me out of jail????

JoeSettler said...

Why are you in jail?

I see you have a whole bunch of new magav friends.

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