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Sunday, August 21, 2005
This evening Kikar Safra in Jerusalem was full of hundreds of the homeless, deported Children of Gush Katif and fellow young supporters (often called - Na'ar HaGivaot - The Hilltop Youth) .

Here are some photos from 1:30 AM.

Wouldn't you like your children to turn out this way?


JoeSettler said...

This list is no where near accurate or complete, but its what was released by the idiots at Sela.

I happen to know of one family of 6 kids (for instance) that was thrown into some hole in Natzrat Elite, but they have since been adopted by a Jewish family in Ginot Shomron.

Community, Hotel
--------- ------
Elei Sinai - Ashkelon, Shirat HaYam hotel

Gadid - Neve Ilan Hotel

Gan-Or - Olive Tree Hotel, Jerusalem

Ganei Tal -Chafetz Chayim Guest House

Kfar Darom - Neot Midbar, Beersheva

Kerem Atzmona - Guest House, Kfar Gila

Morag - Meridian Hotel, Dead Sea

Neve Dekalim - Ashkelon: King Shaul Hotel and the Vacation Facility of the Agudah Lamaan HaChayal. In Jerusalem: Hyatt/Regency, Gold, Park Plaza

Shaarei Yerushalayim, Ceasar

Nisanit - Avia Hotel, Yehud

Netzer Chazani - Netanya, Bait Feldman and the Guest house on Moshav Nordia

Netsarim - Paradise Hotel, Beersheva

Katif - Pundak Ramon in Mitspe Ramon

Atzmona - Givat Olga, the soldiers' rest facility

Rafiach Yam - Avia hotel, Yehud

Shirat Hayam - Paradise Hotel, Beersheva

Tel Katifa - Netanya, Kfar Yarok hotel in Ramat Poleg

The Yeshivot and pre-army Mechinot of Netsarim, Neve Dekalim and Atzmona are at Shaarei Avraham at Re'em junction in the Chayl Chinuch army base.

JoeSettler said...

Corrections and Updates:

Atzmona residents are being sent to the caravan-dorms of the Michlelet Yehuda v'shomron in Ariel.

The 27 families of Tel Katifa, a Gush Katif settlement that is not
recognized by the"authorities" were temporarily sent to Even Shmuel with no further housing solution. Their group has 30 children, 2 that were just

I do not know where Nezer Hazani actually are. Pethaps the Kotel or in the Golan.

Some communities are supposedly being expelled from their temporary residences this week.

JoeSettler said...

I've just heard that most of Morag are currently in the Ulpana in Ofra

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