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Sunday, August 14, 2005
Democracy is such an easy word to abuse. Almost as easy as Democracy is to abuse.

Thousands of Jews are about to be expelled from their homes – because they are Jews.

Democracy has made it legal. Apparently Democracy has made it moral. Certainly Democracy has made it possible.

There have been other well known times in recent history when Democracy has been similarly abused – I need not name those various times. They are so well known.

But here we have a sector, happily looking forward to hurting another sector of their own society, not the enemy, via the tools of democracy.

“But the Knesset passed it,” is commonly heard. Democracy has decided.

Yet unlike the US Congress, Senate, or Presidency, Israel didn’t and can't vote for individuals to vote their conscience.

Israel voted for a party with a Platform. Knesset legislatures aren’t voted in for their personal opinions. They are voted in to support and promote the party's platform.

It is the Central Committee of the Party that decides party policy, and it is members of the party that select the Central Committee members.

That is the format of Israeli parliamentary politics.

And when a parliamentarian votes directly against his parties policies, he is voting against the will of the people that voted his party (not him) in.

Democracy is broken in Israel.

Israelis don’t see it, can’t understand it. The system is too complicated for them. Too open to manipulation. Too…

Throw the word “peace” at an Israeli and he goes all glassy-eyes.

You can take the Jew out of the Shtetl, but apparently you can’t take the Israeli out.


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