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Friday, August 19, 2005
How many Leftist and Hilonim were there to greet the deportees at the hotels and at the Kotel?

How many brought food and supplies?

None would be a safe answer.

Conclusions have been reached by the Jewish community.

The Left, the Hilonim have made themselves irrelevant to the future of the Jewish People.

They have disengaged. They’ve chosen to align themselves with other the footnotes of history.

Conclusions were reached last night by the Jewish People.

No matter how many times they to try beat us down, they won’t succeed, for our future is not their future.

Ours is community, family, Torah.

Theirs is destruction and lies.

It will take time but it will happen.

A Jewish government will arise in the Land of Israel.

Last night proved that it can’t be otherwise.


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