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Sunday, August 21, 2005
There are few places in this world besides Israel, where one can see so many contrasting worlds within a short walking distance from one another.

This evening I had the opportunity to observe the children of Gush Katif (who have just been brutally ripped from their homes) and the children of Israel’s secular elite (who promoted the ripping of these people from their homes).

The Children of Gush Katif gathered in Kikar Safra in Jerusalem and spent the night
  • dancing,
  • singing their hearts out, and
  • simply supporting each other to keep their wonderful spirits high.

In contrast, the Children of the Secular Elite gathered near Ben-Yehuda and spent the night

  • dancing,
  • puking their guts out,
  • supporting each other (as they were too drunk to stand on their own), and
  • simply getting high.

It is no surprise to discover that nearly every member of Nezer Hazani served in an elite combat unit, while in contrast, secular hero Aviv Gefen (the draft dodger) and his friends literally dance on a flag of Israel.

If I were a secular Israeli, I too would be terrified of the tremendous uplifting, positive spirit of the Na'ar HaGivaot and want nothing more than to destroy their communities.

We are insurmountable.


Anonymous said...

May H' continue to guide and strengthen the youth of gush katif and may all of israel be inspired by them!!

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