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Monday, August 15, 2005
What will be the day after?

So many Secularist and Leftist seem to think that things will return to normal.

They actually do!

After all, they won. (Didn't they?)

The Settlers and Religious Jews won’t (in general) raise their fists.
The Rule of Law has been suborned for their Leftist goals, and those dirty Settlers (stealing money from development towns) have been taught a lesson.

Guess what.

How often did the Left demand that the religious join the IDF. So we did. And out of the blue we became leading officers and decorated soldiers.

Suddenly we stole the army from its real owners.

They same was said when Shas made political inroads.

So while the Left sits back in their Sheinkin cafes, ignoring the cries of thousands of Jews being violently ripped from their homes (except as a news item to smirk at), they are about to lose their country too, and don’t even realize it.

We Jews made a mistake. We admit it. We see it.

While the media reports all the time, “Where and how did the Settlers fail”, we simply don’t see it that way.

You see, we haven’t failed. They have.

We’ve built wonderful communities, wonderful schools, wonderful families, wonderful jobs, wonderful lives. Jewish lives.

We’ve done it with hard work, with bravery, with courage, with stamina, and with belief.

While our children are in the streets learning leadership, civic responsibility, morality, and what Jewish society is about - theirs are stabbing each other to death in discos.

So while the Left still fails in its great attempts to assimilate, to be a nation like all others, we, the Jews, have achieved our ideals.

We haven’t failed.

We've succeeded, and that is why the Left has chosen to try to rip us down.

The Chareidim chose to disengage from Zionism. Not to be partners with the Secularist. And yes, they were right. There is no profitable partnership to be made here.

But the Chareidim made a mistake ignoring the need for the construction of a Jewish State (not a State of Jews).

Both sides will soon realize that the real partnership has and should have been only with the Torah observant.

A Jewish State must be built, but it must be built by those looking for a Jewish State.

Yes, we will now view the State of Israel just like we view America, like the USSR, like a third world banana republic, like any other goyishe country we Jews have lived in, because that is what the leadership and founders chose it to be.

We recognize that now.

But, Jewish leadership has been born, it has finally been woken up in Gush Katif, in Judea, and in Masayahu prison.

Today, Rabbi Bin-Nun compared secular society to a mule. Very strong, unthinking, obedient, and it has no future.

We do.

It is only a matter of time.

There will be a "Day After".

Jews are eternal.

We’ll be there.


Cosmic X said...

Awesome post!

Batya said...

And they hate Gush Katif most of all, because non-kibbutzniks succeeded in agriculture, beyond anyone's belief, and for that reason people like Bassi even from religious kibbutzim... you know the rest.

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