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Thursday, April 29, 2010
I don't like children's computer games. I can't stand them.

Yes, their educational, their fun, the kids learn a lot, but in the end they are all ripoffs.

Even after you install them, they only work with the original DVD in the computer.

Let me ask you. How long do you think DVDs survive with kids in the house using them?

Not long. They get scratched, they get lost, they get broken. Very quickly they are useless.

I'm annoyed. A few months ago I invested in a bunch of these games for my kids. At first they were great.

But eventually, almost half of them crash in the middle because of scratches (or software incompatibilities). 25% won't load anymore at all for who knows what reason, and the rest, despite having installed the software, my kids don't remember where they hid the original DVDs, so now they are useless icons on the screen.

The children's gaming industry needs to find MODERN technology solutions (such as using the internet) to protect their property, but expecting young kids to understand how to properly care for a disk (or that their parents have the unlimited energy to keep track of the disks at all times and won't let their kids run the games by themselves) is unfair and wrong.


Anonymous said...

Copy Protection is a real horrible thing, and yet.... especially with kid's games, people don't pay for software that they don't have to. I just bought my son the Bar Ilan Responsa (_definitely_ NOT a game) and paid $50 extra to have the hasp (copy protection device) on a USB key rather than on the CD. It just costs that much. I also worry about him losing that key...

JoeSettler said...

Exactly. But with the internet, there are smarter, real-time ways to protect licenses without the fear of losing a key or disk or disk on key.

Droid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Droid said...


Its very easy to solve this problem.

Simply create an ISO of your CD on your hard drive, and use CD virtualisation software.

Droid said...

[Now I'll recieve an email if you comment.]

JoeSettler said...

Now that's an interesting idea. I'll look into it.

My current project is digitizing my DVD library.

Mr. Gerson said...

If you need a hand let me know.

unsigned said...

Yes do what Droid said.
If you put the contents of the DVD/CD onto the computer then use virtualization software like 'Alcohol 120%' (Not sure if there is Hebrew version) then you can create an "Image" out of the CD/DVD files that you copied to the computer, then trick your computer into thinking that that same CD/DVD is still entered.

Renegade said...

Yeah, virtualization is the way to go if you want to keep it legal.

Of course the easiest way to deal with it is to download a pirated copy (when available)-as long as you don't mind stealing...

Shlomo said...

Internet copy protection is worse than a CD. Whenever your internet connection is slow or not working, you can't use the game! This has happened already, particularly with a program called "Steam".

If you have already purchased a game, I think you are morally entitled to download a pirated version of the same program in order to be able to safely use what you paid for.

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