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Thursday, April 22, 2010
There you go, the title says it all.

If you haven't been following the rhetoric coming out of the Obama regime, you may have missed the new blood libel that's emerging.

Israel and Israeli policies are responsible for America's woes in the Middle East, and Israel is responsible for the death of American soldiers.

Some say it out loud, some imply it, but the message is being sent out loud and clear.

Just today former US ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk made a number of telling remarks on Israel Army Radio.

"The US believes that the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict has harmed its efforts to isolate Iran and prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons."

"US now believes that a continued Israeli-Palestinian conflict harms its strategic interests in the Middle East."

“A zoning committee in the ministry of the interior can now do damage to the national interests of the United States.”

“Israel has to adjust its policy to the interest of the United States or there will be serious consequences.”

And the kicker...

"Obama signs 30 to 40 condolence letters a month, which is 'many more than the Israeli prime minister signs', so it has a vested interest it reducing tensions in the region."

So there you have it. Israel is responsible for the tensions,problems of the US in the Middle East - and most pointedly, 30-40 dead US soldiers every month.

For the past 2 months this is the blood libel that has been coming out of the Obama regime.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe

While I'm not THAT surprised; I must say that the antisemitic attitude of the Hussain Administration is shocking.

There's something INSIDE THE PSYCHES of these people that likes what happens in the Muslim World.

They would like to do that to other people; that is the spirit of Amalek and that is why HS hates their type.

They hate the Torah because it clearly indicates what is right and what is wrong - they don't want that distinction.

Others, more Liberal than Left, have been so overcome by western guilt that it has become Masochism, so they just criticize the West and become blind to the evil of the 3rd world. This guilt is also a form of idolatry or "other god."

Neshama said...

Has anyone given thought to the possibility that Gog UMagog are Israel and the USSofA?

After all, there's a crazyman calling the USSofA the Big Satan, and Israel the little Satan chv's.

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