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Sunday, December 13, 2009
Let's recap:

Settlement freeze.
Police brutality against Jewish girls.
Administrative detentions against Jewish citizens.
Hesder Yeshivas closed down.
Jerusalem on the line.
Kassam attacks in the South.
Increased (successful) terror attacks.
Suicide bomber terrorism starting again (today, the 2nd suicide bomber in the space of a week was caught).

Sounds like a typical Likud government to me.

I once again reiterate that I am happy I voted Ichud Leumi. They may have no influence, but its been proven that neither does any Likud MK have influence either.

The difference is my conscience is clear.


I suspect the repercussions that Ehud Barak is going to have to deal with in light of his attack on Yeshivat Har Bracha is going to blow up in his face in unexpected ways.

I am sure he thinks he is scaring the other Roshei Yeshivas (and perhaps he is scaring some of them), but I suspect he has now consolidated their support around Rabbi Melamed.

Furthermore, the Hesder soldiers are not likely to take this quietly, and we'll see more soldiers openly indicating their refusal to kick out Jews from their homes (as Barak tries to involve more of them in this immoral act), and that the dispersed soldiers from Har Bracha will be influencing even more soldiers than before in their new Yeshivas if (it goes that far).

And more than likely, when not in the army, the Hesder soldiers will return to Har Bracha to learn.

But most importantly, Barak, in his arrogance, will have created just a few too many political enemies. Already some MKs committees are blocking funding to various Defense Ministry projects. I think we'll start seeing more political activism against him, to the point where he will become so big a liability to the stability of the government that Bibi will have no choice but to cut him loose.

UPDATE in comments section:


JoeSettler said...

( The repercussions of Defense Minster Ehud Barak's decision to expell the Har Bracha are escalating. Dozens of former hesder yeshiva students doing IDF reserve duty, including officers and commanders, have sent a sharp letter to Barak saying they will no longer perform reserve duty as a result of Barak’s decision to expel the yeshiva from the Hesder agreement.

The reservists said in the letter, “If they are out - so are we.”

JoeSettler said...
( Since Defense Minister Ehud Barak began discussing the option of expelling Har Bracha from the IDF Hesder agreement, student interest in the yeshiva has skyrocketed.

In the past two weeks over 300 twelth grade students have contacted the yeshiva about coming for the traditional “week long visit” prior to deciding on where they want to study next year. This is triple the amount of students who usually contact the yeshiva by this time.

JoeSettler said...

Reminder: Ehud Barak is the one who ran away from South Lebanon, and created the framework for the Lebanon war that Israel lost.

Ehud Barak left soldiers to die in the Tze'elim training accident.

Ehud Barak left a soldier to die at Kever Yosef.

Should this man really be allowed in any position of authority?

RZ said...

An open letter by a student of Yeshivat Hesder Petach Tikva:

Anonymous said...

I admire your voting rationale. Would that all voters would vote their conscience and not try to game the system.
Bill K.

JDL London Canada said...

I can't blame the soldiers for their refusal ... This balagan has to stop!!

Ehud ... where's his sword when he needs one ...

jonathan becker said...

straight talk. kudos, mr. settler.

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