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Wednesday, December 02, 2009
Video of a Palestinian terrorist getting caught with a knife, and then when the guards turn their back to her, she pulls out a second knife and stabs one of them.



Lady-Light said...

We learned about this incident from my son, who called us with the information on the attack: he was guarding in the same area at the time, but he was not a witness to the attack.

He called us to find out the status of the guard who was stabbed, because at that time, the other guards were not told anything about his condition.

This incident shows that no one should let down their guard or vigilance when finding a knife in a purse, backpack or anything; the guards were too casual and not paying attention when she pulled out another knife.

You never should take your eyes off someone like that...

(by the way, I found out from my son that the guard is recovering well, thank G-d...)

Anonymous said...

oh no! You Tube removed the video due to "terms of use violation" !!!

JDL London Canada said...

You tube remove the video, why? Because it exposes the truth. That said, I saw it earlier this is proof once again that we 'need' peace with the arabs ...

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