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Saturday, December 12, 2009
MKs on the Left, with the interest of the Leftwing Israeli media are trying to pass a bill that would effectively ban the "Yisrael Hayom" newspaper.

Yisrael Hayom, unlike the other mainstream newspapers like Maariv and Yediot (and I would include Haaretz, but it really isn't mainstream at all) is not left-wing.

Yes, the newspaper is free, and given out in busy, trafficked areas, but that is not really the secret of its success. There are plenty of free papers one can pick up.

And there certainly isn't anything stopping those other papers from giving out their copies for free either - and it's not as if you can't get them free when you fill up for gas.

Israelis like it because it simply isn't another left-wing paper.

Israelis apparently like reading news from what is actually a centrist-right position.

So the Israeli newspapers owners and the Left-wing politicians are trying to ban Yisrael Hayom. The excuse they are giving is that the owner, Sheldon Adelson is not an Israeli citizen, and is, through the paper unduly influencing the Israeli public.


Where are they when all the radical Leftwing NGOs are receiving money from foreign governments?

Talk about hypocrisy.

But killing free speech is something the Left like to do.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,
I've read your blog for some time. I don't speak Hebrew but am an American Zionist and would like to know what you recommend for a good center-right Israeli news source in English. I tried Yisrael hayom, but Google tranlation doesn't translate most of the text, and I can't find an English version.


JoeSettler said...

Arutz-7 on the right.

JPost is centerish, but will post opinions on both sides of the fence.

Anonymous said...


Mikewind Dale (Michael Makovi) said...

Do you have a URL or citation for the left trying to ban this paper?

I don't doubt what you're saying. I just want to be able to cite someone more well-known "JoeSettler". ;)

JoeSettler said...

You can site Arutz-7:

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