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Sunday, December 06, 2009
It's a bit disappointing writing this particular post. It unfortunately means that not everyone understands that we are all in the boat together.

If you ask the average Israeli if the Jordan River is our eastern border, I'd say that 95% of the country would agree, even if it is way over the 1967 Armistice Line.

When the freeze was announced, the immediate reaction of the Leftwing settlements in the Jordan Valley was quite clear. They told Barak they aren't "settlers from the territories". They're fellow Leftists like him. The Jordan Valley is of course the eastern border of the State of Israel. Why should the Freeze apply to them?

And then the Chareidim and UTJ jumped on board.

Why should the freeze apply to their towns? They aren't ideological settlers. They moved to Beitar because no one would allow them to build towns anywhere else, and they have no where else to live. Don't punish them because of the settlers. And so on.

And of course the residents of Jerusalem don't understand how their neighborhoods have gotten dragged into the argument and why their construction plans have been frozen (that's right - in Jerusalem too).

What this means is that they really don't understand that we are all in this boat together, Leftist, Settler, Chareidi, Jerusalemites, and even the Chiloni in Tel Aviv.

If we don't all choose to fight this freeze together, all our towns, are going to be destroyed - and then the country itself.

Only if we are united will we have the strength to stand up to the US and Iran.

On the Israeli news tonight they showed Israeli policemen acting in the Settlements. They needed 5 policemen for every settler girl they beat up. Kol hakavod to our settler girls. They showed true strength and determination, and hopefully the other "settlers" will learn the same.

A question was raised. Just a few weeks ago, Barak told the High Court he didn't have enough manpower to properly inspect and track all the illegal Arab construction in the Negev, Galil, Judea and Samaria. Apparently he has more than enough now that he wants it. Is his response to the High Court now negated?


Shoshanna said...

Maybe this is what we need to all come together? Yes, I am an eternal optomist- no other way to be here...Also heard from a friend that the Arabs who depend on construction for livlihood are non to happy bout the freeze.


aliyah06 said...

We used to all be we're all Tekoa.

I dunno about building in Jerusalem--I'll look again but Har Homa was going like gangbusters last week. It is, BTW, the gathering spot for the Border Police and Civil Admin types who launch from here into Gush. I see them in the mornings at the Border Police station.

There are brand new buildings going up all over Bet Safafa and Sharafat.....THAT's "east Jerusalem" in State Dept. lingo, and no one is freezing that construction. Could it be a....naw,....a double standard?!

Beach Concerts said...
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JDL London Canada said...

I'm curious to see how this plays out. It looks like its a lot further ahead then what is seen. Planning from behind closed doors. How will they evict 100,000 people? This nothing short of civil war starting and it should be just that. Someone has to send a clear message ...

Batya said...

Yes, Ashamnu Bagadnu אשמנו בגדנו In The Plural.

Unknown said...

The Jewish Task Force supports Hilltop Youth.

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