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Sunday, November 08, 2009
Drug deals are rampant in the Sharon region. Dealer have a free hand, and the police need a new method to catch these criminals that are staining the reputation of these innocent citizens of the Sharon region, as people all over the country believe that everyone in the Sharon is either druggie or a dealer.

Police Chief Inspector Shlomi Angel had an idea.

He will run a sting operation and catch these drug dealers red handed.

But how will he do it without his undercover officers being exposed.

Shlomi has an idea. He will send in female officers pretending to be models.

But how will he keep his officers safe from other advances by the drug dealers.

The answer is that his female officers will pose as couple.

So off went Merav and Michelle, put on a convincing act and caught 46 drug dealers.

And Shlomi's Angels were born.


Zionist Jew said...

Well done to "Shlomi's Angels " and the proposition he put into practice.I say:Kudos to the MAN himself and the Girls for finding this to fight the "scums" who's life style damages our country as a whole.

A reputation such as this,does not only harm the Sharon region only but a very bad affect to the reputation of the whole of Israel too.

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