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Saturday, November 28, 2009
Bibi, Benny, and most of all Bogie. What is going on that these three would implement a Settlement construction freeze?

None of them are actually interested in “Peace Talks” beyond keeping the Palestinians quiet and not murdering everyone – and the IDF has been doing a good job of keeping them quiet lately. A split in the Labor party, or even a complete walkout is hardly a real threat to the coalition (and Ehud Barak can’t afford to quit the government anyway). Pressure from the Americans? Even spineless Bibi should be able to stand up to their normal threats on a normal day…

…unless this is no longer a normal day and no longer normal threats.

There is only one threat that is scaring Bibi more than anything else, and that is the Iranian nuclear threat. And the only person able (and willing) to stop Israel from defending ourselves against Iran is Barack Obama.

Obama’s problem is that Israel (and Bibi) have rejected his anti-Israel peace plan – for the evil/bad plan it is. But Obama simply can’t afford to lose here.

So Obama is holding Israel’s continued existence hostage to our compliance with his anti-Zionist death trap.

Bibi finds himself between a rock and a hard place… either start carving up Israel which will cause a major multi-front regional war, or Obama will physically/militarily block any Israeli attempt to destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities and we face annihilation, which will result in Iran ultimately using nuclear weapons (not necessarily in missile form) against us.

And we are clearly heading towards a regional war, with Hamas in Gaza, with Hizbollah in Lebanon, with US armed and trained Fatah soldiers in Judea and Samaria, and probably with Syria on the Golan. And the US is clearly not standing behind Israel anymore.

Bibi knows that this settlement freeze is just a down payment to the Obama, as already the Obama administration has said it’s not enough (as have the Palestinians)

So he is trying to throw the ball into the Palestinian court, and hopes placing the next step on them will force Obama to reduce his threats against Israel, at least long enough to let Israel take action against Iran.

But Bibi is wrong. Obama is not going to let up on us, and Bibi will keep finding Obama upping the ante, blaming Israel, and even then, in the end, the US will still block Israel’s defense against Iran and we will be alone and required to find a way to act alone.

There is nothing else, nothing else at all, that would push Bogie to vote for a Settlement freeze. And if he voted that way, then the situation must already be far worse than we can imagine.

Having said that, cutting Israel down, will lead to the same results through different tactics. As I said, Hamas, Hizbollah, Syria and Fatah are itching for war. The goals of all four continue to be solely the destruction of Israel. Israel cannot afford to fight a multi-front war, and it is not clear we could decisively win one.

Settlements and Settlers create a big problem for our enemies as our simple presence defends Jerusalem and the center of the country. Cutting down Israel, would simply make any war for them easier for all the obvious reasons.

So our job is to make sure the Settlements expand, grow, and continue to exist. If not then Israel will face another existential battle.

Bibi and his cabinet are doing what they think is the lesser of two evils, and hoping to first deal with Obama and the Iranian threat, and then the regional threat, but Bibi and Co. are wrong, because Obama will never let us deal with the Iranian threat, and at some point we will go at it alone when we feel our back completely in the corner.

But the regional threat will erupt too, and even sooner once the Palestinian dogs smell blood.

Our only option is too strengthen the settlements, which strengthens Israel.

Bibi’s payoffs to Obama are worthless. Bibi knows it, but he sees no other option at the moment.

Whatever Bibi's thinking, we have an obligation to do the right thing and protect and expand our country and our home.


MAOZ said...

Ditto what you said.

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