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Friday, November 20, 2009
For the third time in a row, soldiers in the Kfir Brigade (first Shimshon, then Nachshon) hung up a sign saying "Kfir doesn't expel Jews".

The army and the government are terrified. Bibi has gone as far as calling this "insubordination is a threat to all Israeli society".

Officers in the army are saying they will deal with it forcefully, before it gets out of control.

I don't think they even understand how serious a problem they have. These soldiers went through the Expulsion as teenagers, they protested, they saw what happened to their friends and families who were kicked out of their homes. And they have zero intention of expelling another Jew from his or her home.

The government is abusing these soldiers when it forces these purely political decisions on them, and these morally strong and upright young men aren't folding.

This "insubordination" is the best thing that could happen to the army.

It's time that the government comes to terms that they can not blindly count on Jewish soldiers to perform the illegal, immoral and anti-Jewish acts of destroying Jewish communities and homes.

During the expulsion of Gush Katif, the Golani Brigade made it clear they will not participate in the Expulsion - and they didn't. But not many people know about that - which is probably why it was limited to Golani. These soldiers are making their intentions public, and the effect will ripple throughout the army.

It's time the army was returned to its roots - the job of the IDF is to fight the ENEMY. Bibi - stop giving immoral anti-Jewish orders, and you won't have a problem.

It is unfortunate that some people will still say that these soldiers must stop these protest and fulfill their orders to destroy Jewish homes - because otherwise it will lead to the collapse of the Army/State/Society. Get real - these boys are ready and willing to unconditionally fight the enemy- but it is the State who has forgotten who the enemy is.


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