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Tuesday, November 03, 2009
Israel pulls out of Lebanon, missiles are introduced that reach all of Northern Israel.

Israel pulls out of Gaza, missiles are now introduced that reach all of Southern and Central Israel (including Tel Aviv).

Now the world demands Israel pull out of (Jerusalem,) Judea and Samaria to ensure 100% coverage.

Great idea.


Leah Goodman said...

Look, just because you don't want missiles landing on your house doesn't mean that Obama doesn't want missiles landing on your house. (and mine)

And isn't he more important? After all, he won a Nobel prize and you didn't.

Pesach said...

The whole idea is to 'prevent the coming of Maschiach' don't you think. After all he comes when all the Jews have returned home. Well if that home is not there then it augments the pasukim of the Naviim ... at least that's what the enemies of Israel think. Me thinks they are in for a rude awakening ...

Batya said...

It's all so simple, so why doesn't your typical Israeli get it?

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