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Monday, December 03, 2007
In a no-suprise announcement (we've heard enough similar stories before), 3 PA Policemen (trained by the USA), where caught - having been the ones to murder Ido Zoldan last week on the road.

At the time Fatah (Abbas's PA military wing) took responsibility.

And they weren't lying. Two of the 3 Palestinian Policemen were caught by Israeli security services, and the third is in "protective custody" in the PA (to prevent him from being caught by the Israeli security services).

Thanks Condi. I hope you understand this too.


JoeSettler said...

More news.
The terrorists were actually captured the next day (before the start of Annapolice).

The IDF kept it secret that they were captured and were PA policemen until after Olmert came back.

I guess it would have been inconvenient.

Anonymous said...

No! Really? The IDF would do something so... so... political... as to keep it mum 'til after Olmerd went to Annapolice?

I'm shocked -- shocked -- I say!

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