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Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Chanukah is a time of celebrating the forces of Torah and Good over that of Hellenism, Assimilation, Destruction and Evil.

Two years ago I visited the “illegal”outpost of Be’erot Yonatan (named after Jonathan Pollard).

You can read about it here: At the time, one of the young ladies who was helping build this outpost asked if she could write something on JoeSettler, and so she did, which you can read here (Hebrew) and here (English).

Tonight I was called up and asked to guard the convoys going to and from a Sheva Brachot that was going to be taking place on another hilltop outpost in Judea – Givaat HaEitam.

To my surprise, who was the Kallah? None other than this young lady from two years ago.

What I really found amusing is that she met her husband to be in Gush Katif during the Expulsion. I heard someone joking that they can imagine the story.
Him: “Hey you, look out for that policeman over there!”

Her: “No, no, we won’t go!”

Her: “By the way, what’s your phone number.”

Him: “I’ll write it down for you, once they uncuff us.”

Anyway, I’d like to wish them both a Mazel Tov. With Jewish youths like these two to inspire us, I know that in the end we will win.


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