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Thursday, December 06, 2007
While the "moderate" Fatah/PA Arabs are busy denying Israel as the Jewish State, threatening to scuttle "peace talks" if we dare to defend ourselves in Gaza, to the point of openly (huh?) fighting alongside Hamas, we have Israel trying to kick the Jews out of legally owned property in Hevron.

As the facts slowly trickles out things get more and more interesting.

The JP is reporting on how the former Arab owner completely denied he sold the property, but as he was presented documentation, he changed his mind and said he planned to sell it, but then changed his mind. After it was proven he actually received the money, he then said he gave the money back, and so on. He's changed his story 3 times so far.

All the documentation prove he sold the property, the IDF, the State and the Courts know the Jews own the property legally - but who will they side with?

On the positive side, yet another incredible (Jewish, obviously) find was found in the City of David. An ancient palace. Check it out.


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