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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
See a Need. Run it over.

I don’t know why I always return back to the subject of Israeli driving, other than it is dangerous and annoying, and I’m always being forced to confront it.

I just got a phone call from my cellular carrier. They want to offer me a new service.

Whenever I am on the road, I merely call their number, tell them where I am, and they will give me important road updates and warnings.

The important updates and warnings I was told they would supply me were:
- Traffic camera locations
- Speed Traps
- Police cars
- Traffic jams

I am being 100% serious. This was their list.

So I’m thinking to myself, isn’t that typically Israeli. The service they want to sell me is the one that will help their fellow Israeli drive more dangerously, while avoiding getting caught.

See a need. Fill it.

If I were the Israeli police I would take advantage of this.

Add more cameras, make sure this cellular carrier knows about their locations.

Call up the cellular carrier and make “false” reports regarding police cars and speed traps.

They could turn around the dangerous service into something that would actually save lives.

I don't think the phone rep understood my comment when I said "Thank you, but I didn't need the service, as I generally don't speed."


Anonymous said...

It's actually embarrasing to hear what type of service the cell carrier was trying to sell to you. I think they need a letter writing campaign directed toward their higher eschelons.
There is no way that I would accept this mindless point of view.
This is improper, dangerous and outright despicable!
I'm looking forward to hearing what your response wil be to this.
Good luck!

Rafi G. said...

but don't you want to know in advance where the traffic jams are?

JoeSettler said...

Traffic jams were mentioned as an afterthought.

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