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Friday, June 22, 2007
Has anyone been following what Netanyahu has been saying today?

He wants Jordan to send in their PLO troops to control and manage the West Bank.


But the reality is that it would be no different than the current Palestinian troops doing the same.

In fact, the only difference I can see is that it would bring Jordan into the mess that we refuse to directly clean up.

Sounds to me like Netanyahu is trying to create a back door confederation with Jordan, a weak, but relatively stable dictatorship with an 80% Palestinian majority .

I understand his thinking; after all, if we don't want to keep sovereignty on our own land, at least let’s pick someone else to run it that we are more likely to get along with.

Of course Jordan might look at this and see it as exactly the sort of unstable situation that can topple a dictatorship monarchy – which it is.

And of course, all he is saying is that one group of terrorists should police another group of terrorists – something that Feiglin mentioned too.

Maybe he’ll also want Egyptian troops in Gaza. There’s another great idea.

Just bring me back to the summer of 69 67.


Ezzie said...

...but in a way, that makes a lot of sense from a security standpoint at the least. Firstly, they'll all be fighting each other, and everyone can see how Palestinians themselves will handle their own. Second, it WOULD be much better to deal with Jordan.

haKiruv said...

Would it be better to have Jordanian troops or the UN?

Anonymous said...

Netanyahu is a big ZERO as a national leader. He is not fit to be Prime Minister. I don't hate him like so many on the Left do, but he proved he doesn't have the backbone to be PM. All he does is pander to Leftist public opinion. He refuses to tell the truth to the public..there will never be a Palestinian state, peace is not on the horizon with the Arabs, but Israel can continue to grow and prosper has it has for the last six decades in the absense of peace agreements, it just means that we have to be on our guard, and proclaim to the whole world that Eretz Israel IN ITS ENTIRETY belongs to the Jewish people and we will not give up our rights. A party that made a clear declaration of this along with a clear economic, military and diplomatic policy to push these views to the rest of the world would win big. I will not vote for any party that allies itself with the bankrupt Likud that betrayed the National camp voters. Better the Left should be in power than Netanyahu and the diseased Likud.

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