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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
I hate memes. But Jameel is pushing this one for Nefesh b’Nefesh and said I should write something too,

"(This coming Shabbat, the Torah portion , Shelach, that recalls the sin of the spies, is read. These were the 12 men that Moshe sent to scout out the Land of Israel before entering. When they returned, their reports were distorted and negative and caused a 40 year delay before the Children of Israel could enter.

Today despite the challenges that come with living in Israel, we are witness to all that is good and special about living here and it is in our ability to tell our family, friends and neighbors abroad what those things are.

Nefesh B'Nefesh is initiating a simple project this week called "12 to 12". We are asking every Oleh to compose a list of 12 great things you appreciate and love about living in Israel and email your message to 12 (or more) friends abroad.

If you send this out to your friends, please CC when you send it out.

Please send out your letter before Friday June 8.)"
so here it is…

The top 12 things I love about Eretz Yisrael to make up for the sin of 10 of the 12 Meraglim (and XGH):

(Please note, this list is not comprehensive, and there is so much more I could write, but I think I'll leave it like this for the moment.)

12. Israeli/Sephardi women are hot (I married one).

11. I get to carry a gun (more than one in fact), and go to really cool (though really difficult) CTU training (and have definitely become as proficient as "Jack Bauer" is supposed to be).

10. One day Yuntiv.

9. The views of Israel from the windows of my home.

8. The ridiculously inexpensive tuition all the way through college.

7. Living in the place where Judaism is dynamically evolving yet returning to its roots, while simply being the real center of religious events and development.

6. Being an active and even influential part of the historical process of returning to our land and building up the nation in Israel.

5. The amazing (and well known) people you bump into everywhere that will freely and happily talk to you (i.e. Nobel Prize winners, Chief Rabbis, Politicians, Authors, Taxi Drivers, Businessmen, Editor-in-Chiefs, Scientists, Bloggers).

4. Shavous morning, 4:00 AM, watching hundreds of thousands of Jews streaming to the Kotel from all directions.

3. Walking around Living in the actual places mentioned in the Torah (not to mention having amazing archeological sites in your own backyard).

2. Davening and then realizing that when the siddur speaks about Jews returning and living in rebuilt Israel and bringing the Karbanos, is that Judaism actually views living in Israel as critical and fundamental to our definition as a nation and I am doing my part.

1. And to blatantly copy esseragaroth: Israel is the Homeland of the Jewish People.


Anonymous said...

boy are they hot!

Ben Bayit said...

Good list.

But to be honest point #1 has to be qualified. Yes there are some extremely hot Sephardi women - and even some totally hot Ethiopian women which can get your parents im America all riled up when raising the issue of how they would react to a child marrying a s$^&ze if she is Jewish- but a qualification is in order.
Every nice single white boy Ashkenazi American immigrant goes through through their "darkie" phase in Israel. I went through mine. Some end up marrying their "catch" - and most have wonderful marriages. But cross-cultural marriages are difficult, and the Israel/American divide is only compounded by other cultural divides. I don't need to tell you about this - we've all seen with freinds what a disaster can result is things aren't thought out and worked through properly.

ADDeRabbi said...

we overlapped on a good number of these (not #1).

Anonymous said...

On #1, I went through that faze too.

But then I learned that nothing can possibly compare to the Russiyot!!

Anonymous said...

Except Ethiopians.

Cosmic X said...

Re: Israeli/Sephardi women are hot

I agree! I also married one(even though she isn't a "darkie").

For all the single Jewish guys living abroad reading this: Israel has plenty of lovely girls to choose from. They come in all colors, flavors and sizes. You don't have to search for a Jewish girl in a sea of gentiles. The sea here is Jewish.

If that isn't enough to make you want to make aliyah, I don't know what is!

(I think that there is something about growing up in your own land, and not part of a hated minority, that affects a person's physical appearance, posture and general psychological well-being.)

Anonymous said...

While the sephardic women are hot, for the life of me I'll never understand their overuse of makeup.
Makeup is for an average or below average woman to make themselves better looking. It is not needed for the drop dead gorgeous. In fact it looks comical. Unfortunately Israeli women for some inexplicable reason wear more makeup than American transvestites. What gives?

Jerusalemcop said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jerusalemcop said...

I must say that I wholeheartedly agree with BenBayit. Cross-cultural marriages are no easy to say the least.


J. "יהוא בן יהושפט בן נמשי" Izrael said...

#12. no comment. But I don't totally agree. Definitely not worth leaving this wonderful america for.

#11. A lot esier here than there. Prices also far better here, as well as accessibility of ranges. And the choice here - can you even get an AR over there?

#10. OK, cool. Especially if you get that day off, too.

#9. For the most, that's better here too.

#8 OK. But almost everything else is far, far more expensive. Especially the real important things in life: meat, booze, guns & ammo.

#7. Agree. It's also closer to Mom & Dad. Only thing I miss from there.

#6. OK. But that can be just as true here.

#5. Goodness, do you mean this seriously? This is an advantage. (not for a sociphobe like me ;-) )

#4. ?

#3. OK. But than again - drive around the US and you get to Bethlehem, Bethel, Lebanon, Jerusalem, Zarephath, Frankfort, Est Berlin, Zwolle, Carmel, etc.

#2 I guess our definitions of "Israel" differ here a bit. I'm not sure the siddur's Jerusalem is meant to be a place of communist unions, bureaucratic & dictatorail anti-Jewish regime, movie theaters & prostitution houses...

#1. OK... but why so many Arabs, Russians, Ruffians, Ethiopians????

" Unfortunately Israeli women for some inexplicable reason wear more makeup than American transvestites. What gives?" They're big Twisted Sister and KISS fans.

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