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Monday, June 18, 2007
I think it’s official, the “Two-State Solution” has been implemented, and now we are moving on to Phase 3.

So far let’s recap the current political situation.

We have the Palestinian state of Jordan, with an 80% “Palestinian” majority, and the other 20% “Jordanian” who almost all have close family ties to the same “Palestinians” they look down on. (That’s one)

We have the Palestinian state of Hamastan in Gaza. (That’s two)

And now fighting is beginning in what will probably end up being Fatahstan in Judea and Samaria (unless Hamas wins, and then it will be Hamastan II). (that’s three)

And of course we have our locally discontented “Palestinian Israelis” calling (generally from the halls of Israeli Universities) for a Palestinian State in place of Israel. (That’s four).

While all this is going on, we have are dedicated leftists that somehow don’t realize that this as our Cuban Missile Crisis.

Somehow they can live with Iran’s proxies at our borders, bringing their weapons in as close as possible, and they are mentally incapable of taking a stand and saying enough is enough.

Worse, some on the Left are using this crisis to promote the transfer of weapons, ideology, and technology from Gaza to the West Bank under guise of helping Gazan refugees looking to escape the Hamas leadership they democratically chose.

Perhaps some are real refugees, but the solution is to let Egypt take in all these refugees, the same Egypt who gave Hamas all the weapons that they didn’t get from Israel by way of Fatah.

Of course, Katyushot were fired at the North from Lebanon, and in typical Arab cultural fashion, everyone else was responsible.

And of course as Lurker pointed out to me, the UN is doing a wonderful job peacekeeping in Lebanon, except, of course, in the places it can’t go into because Hezbollah is there.

They might as well have stayed home.

And need I mention Syria and the deep desire of the Left to rid ourselves of the Golan which we fairly acquired with our blood while defending our country against their acts of aggression?

Summer is approaching in another few weeks. I just wonder how many fronts we will actively be fighting on come July.


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