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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Generally it is true that the winning side writes the history, but in Israel things are never that simple – even though they should be.

For some reason some Israelis don’t like being on the side of right and good. They look for excuses to explain how they are bad, and when that fails they’ll even make things up.

Last year one of Israel’s major historical revisionist (I forgot his name, though I’m sure if Lurker is reading this he can supply it in a second) retracted part his historical revisionism and returned to reality after too much indisputable evidence was presented, but one is hardly enough.

Lately, these historical revisionists have been working hard to say that Israel keeps missing the opportunities to make peace, or worse, keeps unilaterally pushing for war and evil – and I’m not referring to the BBC nonsense reported the other day about Entebbe.

Today, the idiots of Peace Now are down in Hebron protesting the return of our city to Jewish hands (or part of the city at least).

They don’t care that the Arabs slaughtered the Jewish residents there in order to make this city Judenrein, and they don’t even care that their ungrateful peace partners, the Arab residents of Hebron stoned their buses at the end of the protest (the Arabs threw the stones, not the settlers – whom they always claim are the root of all evil).

Michael Oren, as always, manages to show, this time through the Arab’s own documentation, that the latest Israeli revisionism into the 6 Day war is just more of the hallucinatory nonsense of the Left’s deranged mind that wants to be evil.

Today Arutz-7 reports on an IBA News Editors admitting to (and taking pride in) how they slanted the news for their own political goals.

It’s a shame. I really think it is a just a few bad apples ruining it for the rest of us.


Lurker said...

The big Israeli "new historian" who majorly backtracked on his pro-Palestinian revisionism was Benny Morris, although this goes as far back as 2001. The most dramatic indications of Morris' "hazara b'tshuva" can be seen in these articles and interviews:

"The Arabs Are Responsible" - Post-Zionist Historian Benny Morris Clarifies His Thesis
December 09, 2001

"Peace? No chance" by Benny Morris
February 21, 2002

"Survival of the fittest"
January 09, 2004

JoeSettler said...

Lurker: did I not know you would remember his name for me!

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