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Monday, June 25, 2007
I had a post over at Muqata, but Jameel asked to take it down after he was getting some unpleasant letters off line about it from some of his regular readers who don’t want to hear controversial facts that strongly go against their predisposed belief system.

As Jameel likes to keep his environment friendly to all I will respect his wishes.

So I will post about it here.

The subject is the Arab Land Grab.

You see there is a Yishuv called Efrat which is made up of seven one hundred 8 hills. The Yishuv is an annoying place to visit as it is all speedbumps and curves.

It is all (poorly implemented) speedbumps because their Moetza and City Engineer must be run by idiots who don’t like drivers – and don’t how to make a proper speedbump.

It is all curves because every piece of land that Efrat sits on was (indisputably) privately acquired (or former state-owned land).

So all around and criss-crossing the town are Arab-owned farms where the owners chose to not sell their land to the city and continue to work them freely (and work in Efrat too – thus supporting their families). Thus Efrat curves like a snake for quite a distance instead of being more circular and centralized.

The seventh hill of Efrat (called Eitam) was never developed (I believe it was supposed to become the town’s cemetery). But alas, the Fence that is being built may be excluding it from Efrat – the residents are currently fighting for it.

But there is another battle going on.

Around the Eitam hill, one of the highest hills in the region, strategically overlooking Jersualem and Gush Etzion are Arab farms (just like the farms that Hizbollah used to hide and launch missiles at Israel from up North).

As the government is making it difficult for Efrat to build on its own property, the Arabs keep seeing this as an opportunity to try to steal it away.

And so they occasionally go up and try to build a structure and create facts on the ground, which are usually removed.

Now to make it clear, there is no dispute or question that Efrat owns this land (parts of it were purchased by Jews some 100 years ago in fact). It is well documented Efrat property.

Yet Rabbis for Human Rights, and other fifth columnists haven’t been seen protesting and protecting the rights of the clear and undisputed owners – the Jewish people.

Not a single left-wing organization that rips out Jewish owned trees at night (or Arab-owned trees to blame the settlers) has come out to say that this is wrong or to try to stop it.

Nope, not a peep.

Though left-wing readers over by Jameel did find it offensive that Jews are trying to protect their own property.

This left-wing run government doesn’t care about Jewish property rights whether it be in Efrat, Neve Daniel, Tekoa, Bat Ayin, or anywhere else in the Gush, despite their occasional claim that the Gush is important to the security of southern Jerusalem (which it is).

So the army is now letting the Arabs get away in Efrat with what they want, just like they do near Neve Daniel and Gvaot Olam.

This Wednesday residents of Efrat will go up to reclaim their property.

It is unclear what the army and government will do – will it respect the rule of law and allow the residents of Efrat to defend their own property or will they continue to defend their lopsided enforcement and let the Arabs steal away what was bought with cold cash and signed documents.

What is for sure is that the Left will be there in full force to help the Arabs steal more land.

For shame on their claim as defenders of Human Rights.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Actually, for the record, I didn't get any negative feedback from anyone offline or otherwise.

My issue is that I receive dozens of requests from people all day long to post things, and putting up a letter from Nadia isn't blog worthy. Writing up your OWN interpretation is a lot more blog-worthy.

Anonymous said...

So this is what it takes to get you to comment on my blog!

Daniel said...

Muqata doesn't strike me a sa blog that leftists would frequent, although I find it odd that it links to the kapo dovbear blog.
Sometimes I think that kadima is quietly pursuing th geneva accords, and making life hard for the settlers so that they leave on their own.
What the ruling elite has to eventually realize is that the Jewish and xtian right are their only long term supporters.
Jewish libs support is very tenuous and shrinks each generation as does the assimmilated Jewish community. The clergy for human rights types get headlines , but who do they lead? How many of their congregants make aliyah or even spend a term in Israel?

Anonymous said...

Muqata gets its share. But mostly he and I were poking fun at each other.

Michael said...

I wish success for the people of Efrat.

JoeSettler said...

Here's an update:

JoeSettler said...

Nadia reports that the illegal Arab structures are gone.

Anonymous said...

Nadia also reports to me that their are 8 hills in Efrat, not 7!

Of course, with all those speedbumps, I would argue that there are a hundred hills at minimum - which is why I personally don't like driving through her town.

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