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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
I was at a wedding last night with Lurker, when he started telling a story. As a side point to the story he mentioned a mutual acquaintance that has two paralyzed fingers after getting beaten by the cops at a protest.

I said that was “funny”, because I was at a protest and the girl next to me also had her hand broken by the cops.

Lurker and his wife then looked at me like I was crazy.

It was back in December 1994. It was a violent protest, or rather I should say, a unilaterally violent protest. We protesters were standing on the sidewalk chanting, screaming, and holding up signs. The cops unilaterally started physically beating the $#!^ stuffing out of us.

I was standing on the sidewalk holding up a sign with both hands, when the cops attacked me. Later a doctor told me I had bruising on my skull.

I’m a little hazy as to the course of events, but at some point we got away and they started to chase us. At which point she tried to get into a store for cover and they broke her hand.

I actually remember Lurker saying they were taking her to the hospital, or to file a complaint with the police, but like I said it was all hazy.

But the one thing I never knew was, who was the girl, and what happened to her in the end.

Not knowing who was my co-victim to this police terror attack continued to bother me at the back of my mind all these years.

It turns out I’ve known her all along (and she is a good friend of JerusalemCop), but I never knew that it was her, and so now I know who it was and what happened to her.

Finishing his story. Lurker told us that when they went to the police to file a complaint, the police laughed at them, and told them they can’t file it and to go away.

I’m sure Lurker will fill in the rest of the details, but personally I am happy that this gap in my life has been filled in.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if a rash of popular lawsuits against the police for everything from broken hands and everything they do at these protests might cause the police to rethink this strategy. If they get hauled into court by every person who gets unlawfully bloodied, would it help?

J. "יהוא בן יהושפט בן נמשי" Izrael said...

Another fine aspect of Israeli democracy.

Of course, the true villains are those ugly Neturei-Kartas! Phew!

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