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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Two years ago, a really messed up kid named Eden Natan-Zada went on a rampage and killed 4 Israeli Arabs. The press likes to describe him as a settler, but he actually was from Rishon L’tzion, and was AWOL from the army (with his weapon).

At one point, the police managed to enter the bus he was on and disarm him. They handcuffed him to a chair, but then, under attack from the local Arab villagers, the police ran away, abandoning him on the bus for the Arab mob to kill him.

Despite videos of the exact people mobbing the bus and other evidence linking 4 specific people to the lynch, the court has decided that all the evidence linking the suspects to not be good enough, and has freed and cleared the men.

Of course this means that the executioners of Natan-Zada are still out there.

The truth be told, no one actually expected any of the Arab villagers to ultimately be found guilty by the courts, but the court did have to go through the motions for appearance’s sake.

But the question is, what happens next time there is a captured Palestinian terrorist and a Jewish mob lynches him? (And should we even mention the name Popper?)

Will the Jewish mob ultimately be exonerated too, or is this just a one way street?


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Not only is it one way, but a dead-end.

And there's a cop waiting to give you a ticket.

Anonymous said...

(Well put, Jameel.)

But the media are right in describing him as a "settler" if he was from Rishon. He was a settler in the Occupied Territories of '48.

Really, I don't understand people who consider a Jewish presence in the heartland that we liberated in '67 to be illegitimate, yet have no qualms about a Jewish presence in the land that we liberated in '48.


Anonymous said...

The police should also be held accountable, as they could have saved Edan at any time but chose to leave him to the mob for hours. It was only when Yekutiel Ben Yaakov told the police either they get Edan out, or he would that the police went for edan, and within ten minutes they had Edan's body away from the mob.

Anonymous said...

Of course not. Left wing "I'm not Jewish I'm Israeli" types see no wrong with Arabs . They are like the American Jewish libs that see a black criminal as an oxymoron-"who's the real victim " b.s.

Michael said...

Looking at the world today, this'll have to be a one-way street. After all, there's one rule for muslims and another for everyone else...

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