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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
From the JP:

MK Ahmed Tibi (UAL) proposed on Tuesday that Knesset members be prohibited from wearing any clothes made from animal skin (leather or fur) while at work on the Knesset premises.

Presumably this will include belts and shoes. Makes you wonder what's going to hold their pants up while they walk barefooted down the corridor.

Of course, it may extend to leather yamulkas and even T'fillin.

What exactly is he thinking?


Anonymous said...

Tfillin fall under the category of clothing?

Anonymous said...

Arab MK asks colleagues to drop pants? It must be the Arabic April Fools Day!

Anonymous said...

Look out, this is a first step in their process of Shariya Law. This is the beginning of a take-over strategy. Everything has to be ACCORDING TO THEIR LAWS.

JEWISH LAW not shariya law!!!!

I would post little guard-piggeys at all the entrances to the Knesset and then you wouldn't have him around to bother you.

JoeSettler said...

I don't thinkit's Shayira law (but who knows). I think he's going after the Vegan vote.

Michael said...

I think he's just trying to draw attention away from the Knesset Arab bloc's usual support of terrorist groups by introducing something completely unrelated, and utterly rediculous.

Anonymous said...

I don't think sharia is opposed to leather.

I suspect this MK has a young relative in the vegan clothing business, though.

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