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Monday, January 18, 2010
Two advanced technology deals are in the news today.

The first is that Israel will be selling advanced drones to Turkey  so Turkey can use them for surveillance on "Turkish rebels".

The second is a hi-tech company in Ramat Gan called DaroNet which sold a million dollar CMS system to Iran, claiming they didn't initially know it was for Iran until the European intermediary asked for a Farsi translation.

Both these events are disturbing.

Turkey is openly siding with Iran. They are strategically realigning themselves with our enemies - and we are providing them with advanced military technology.

As the DaroNet case clearly proves, Iran has no problem working to acquire advanced technology through third party intermediaries. There is no reason to assume that this Israeli military technology won't be in Iranian hands in a matter of months.

Secondly, with Turkey's realignment with the enemy, it would seem to me that the Turkish Rebels (probably the Kurds) are a people we need to begin investing in for the long term, not hurting militarily.

Ehud Barak made a disturbing statement, "We will continue to be strategic allies as long as our interests force us to do so."

Yes, this is true in politics, except the foreshadowing his statement makes indicates he has an idea how long that will be for.
Out interests force us to currently be allies with Turkey, but Barak is openly hinting that our interests won't be aligned for much longer. Barak apparently feels that by buying off Turkey with weapons we can somewhat delay Turkey's break with the West.

A good idea in the short term, but a very dangerous game in the long term. 

Meanwhile DaroNet may or may not find themselves paid, and may or may not find themselves under investigation for illegally selling to Iran. And it certainly makes you wonder what other US and Israeli technologies Iran has acquired through third parties and placed into their military programs. 


Neshama said...

B.I.G. mistake. They need to wise up, and stop cozying up.

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