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Thursday, January 14, 2010
It doesn't amaze me how many politicians and talking heads are attacking Danny Ayalon, compared to how many should be speaking out against the public humiliations and attacks committed by the Turkish government against Israel - notably against President Shimon Peres who was humiliated on TV by the Turkish Prime Minister.

Could Ayalon had implemented it better, yes, but there is no getting around that the message needed to be sent.

There are those that are saying that we shouldn't be pushing Turkey away and into the arms of Iran and Syria. They are wrong.

Wake up people. Turkey is going the way of Iran and Syria, and now is the time for decisions and tough love. Dancing tippy-toes on fragile eggs is not going to fix this problem.

Turkey simply can't have it both ways, straddling the fence as a full partner to Terror States that want to destroy Israel (while spewing Antisemitism) while maintaining a strong relationship with Israel.

Israel needs to make it clear that Turkey is playing a game that has consequences. Antisemitism is not acceptable from a country that wants a warm or cold relationship with us. You can't spit on Israel and expect us to turn the the other cheek.

Rolling over and ignoring what's is spewing out of Ankara is not going to stop them from going over to the dark side - it will only make it worse for us.

While on the other hand, forcing them to make a decision as to where they want to be and on which side of the fence, might be the only way to stop this train in its tracks.


Neshama said...

Thank you for doing what needed to be done.
Turkey disgraced Israel and Israel just rolled over! Amazing. Turkey is not to be trusted; they are aligning with a coalition of murderers. And we must remember that our historical troubles have come from the North. "Turkey is the main military settlement of the western alliance in the ME, which includes Iran (Persia), Sudan (Kush), Libya (Put) and Turkey (magog, meshech, tubal, gomer, togarmah), British Isles, France, Spain."

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