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Friday, January 08, 2010
There are those among our nation's enemies that love to define Judaism as a late development. They claim the Temple never existed, King David had no Kingdom, and their favorite, that the Torah was not written when it was.

But one of the amazing things about Israel is that the more the archaeologists dig, the more they disprove the above statements, leaving the Palestinians and Tel Aviv professors grasping at straws.

Scholars at Haifa University uncovered some inscriptions that until now mystified everyone. The tablets they were found on were dated to the time of King David, and found in what was a small outlying village.

(Picture is a copy of the text)  

It took them a while to realize that they were reading a proto-Hebrew document that was written 4 centuries before certain professors claim that Hebrew writing even existed. Furthermore the context of the text dealt with issues typically only mentioned in the Torah, and the language was sufficiently complex to indicate that Hebrew was certainly a complex and developed enough language to write the Torah.

I don't expect the fanatical minimalist at TAU to revise their beliefs as a result of the facts, but for the rest of the world, you can certainly expect that as archaeology continues to find more amazing ancient finds in Israel, that more texts will be found that date Hebrew, the Torah, and the Jews to an even earlier age.

In fact, science may eventually catch up with what the Jewish nation has known since Ma'amad Har Sinai.

I recommend reading the Arutz-7 article which goes into this in more depth.


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