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Tuesday, January 05, 2010
(Fifth columnist) MK Taleb As-Sana of Raam-Taal said "the settlers are a malignant tumor" (I believe Yossi Sarid had said similar things in the past).

MK David Rotem in response said: "If the settlers are a cancerous growth in the body of the Palestinian state, I prefer that they grow until the Palestinian state dies."

Sounds good to me.


Anonymous said...

How Israel is implementing the settlement freeze:

snf they say they want peace...

ilona@israel said...

palestinian people have never heard about rotshild or bought lands... their goverment lies to them and thats why they kinda sad about israel that 'confiscated' their land. i talked to palestinian people a lot. they are not agressive but they belive to their goverment. and the latter is pretty problematic

Neshama said...

great retort!

I meant to tell you that I like your new look!
The blue is soothing and a nice contrast.

IowaBill said...

It blows me away that Israeli MKs have the guts to speak so forthrightly, whereas we Americans have congress-critters known for saying nothing with many words. How do they do that?

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