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Saturday, July 18, 2009
A few months ago Israel radio reported that Obama would announce a big Peace Initiative in July.

That was confirmed by Obama special envoy Mitchell just a few weeks ago in an official briefing.

The far-Leftwing paper Haaretz though says the announcement is imminent.

But since then, Mitchell has canceled ("delayed") his meeting with Netanyahu, not once, not twice, but three times already.

His next meeting is called for in a week or two.

Meanwhile it appears that Hillary is no longer flying high in the Obama administration. The original excuse is her elbow, but she seems to be getting cut out of everything interesting lately.

(Check out the part where she gets asked about Mitchell, and the part here where her spokesman gets asked about Mitchell. The centerpiece of Obama's foreign policy and Hillary has no clue what is even going on with the President's envoy.)

Could this mean no more inner circle for Mrs. Clinton?

Going back to Obama, a joke overheard in the Prime Minister's office is that an American calls up the White House and tells the President that his toilet is stuffed, his washing machine is broken, and his car needs a new transmission. Obama then makes a speech, and in 6 months everything is fixed. Except that in 6 months, the American calls up the White House...

Got it?

Anyway, will Obama make Mitchell into a liar?

Is Obama going to flip-flop on his Peace Initiative announcement date?

Rumor has it that not a single Arab country has moved even an inch towards Obama's most smallest requests of showing Israel any sign of reciprocity - leaving Obama in the lurch (of course, they could have moved an inch, and they're all just keeping it incredibly quiet).

Here's hoping.


Anonymous said...


Here's the problem. Obama thought he was on a roll. And, then? Down fell his teleprompter. Smashing to bits around his feet.

Also? His pick of Sotomayor, the "wisest Latina" isn't exactly a triumph, except for mediocrity over matter.

Then there's health care.

If Obama can't get the congressional critters to pass health care by August 7th, the Hill closes down. And, a long summer recess begins.

Worse than that, the politicians must go home. And, many of them will get to hear from consituents. Without whom they cannot get re-elected. And, the House goes up for election every two years.

True, if you're watching a show, an actor learns "not to react to his fly being open." Or to laugh at his own jokes. Because it interferes with the product being sold to the audience.

Doesn't mean politicians aren't fearful. And, some do truly stupid things. Take Rivlin, for instance. Who hates Netanyahu. So he's calling for a circus, on Tuesday, to appear in the Knesset.

Does this mean enemies roll over dead? Or that to a politician, "just getting their names in the paper" is a very big deal?

Sometimes, the American Presidency is the "best show on earth." Heck, in 1972, Nixon vanquished McGovern. And, yet how long did it take for him to slip on his banana peel?

If Obama slips on a banana peel, will Black jokes about this be verboten?

Obama thought he'd have more leverage. If he were pregnant? It's only been seven months. Much too early to be tossed out of the oven.

On the other hand? Obama is a socialist. He came in with an agenda. And, he will stay on it, until he begins to feel flop sweat. Or he begins to hear Nixon's ghost.

Sometimes, God just works in strange ways.

Obama is a lot of talk. But as I said, his teleprompter fell down, and broke apart.

Anything can happen. Including that once upon a time Henry Kissinger tried to do what you see Rahm Emanuel doing. And, 76 senators wrote to the White House, slapping him silly.

Yes, you can rob a bank if you have a gun. But if you turn the gun onto your own forehead and exclaim "give me everything I want or I'll shoot," you have to know that Netanyahu, at least ju8st watches his own popularity rising.

Which bites Rivlin's tuchis. Which is why you see Rivlin trying to "jimmy da' knife."

So far? Netanyahu hasn't missed a beat. While the goons in Jerusalem dusted up an unnessary storm. I don't even pity those cultists. Will there be a cure?

Nah. Don't pull your own leg, either. Somethings just keep on going, even though we're told there's no such thing as "perpetual machinery." You want to change the subject? Talk about something else.

Anonymous said...


Have you ever asked yourself what motivated Obama into thinking Israelis would buy into his desire to hurt Bibi?

Is it possible, because Rahm Emanuel is a socialist; and, so, too, is Obama. That both of them saw "opportunities?"

True, you can almost smell the Saud's hands in the background. And, why they want to see Israel divided. (Because it will give them bragging rights among arab tribes; and the Saud's are in a fight for dominance with the Shi'a.)

But why did Obama assume he'd get away with this? (As I said, previously), Henry Kissenger, back in 1976, when he was working for President Ford, also leapt at the chance of attacking Israel. Where 76 senators reared up. (AIPAC worked behind the scenes, so that a letter was written AND SIGNED, by 76 senators. Warning Ford off.)

Just recently, a similar letter was sent to Obama. Signed by 73 senators. Behind the scenes.

But why would Obama have assumed Israelis would buy his approach?

Well, because he saw most Israelis as secular. And, he figured that for them "Marx" was a religion. (Nothing further from the truth! Even though Ben Gurion was hoping to achieve socialist nervana.) The kibbutz movement, just ain't what it used to be.

And, most Israelis aren't socialists.

So the Saul Alinsky radical (where both Hillary did her college thesis. And, Obama cut his teeth), has actually produced more tension than traction.

Plus, you can't trust your media. They, too, are "elites." A sub-set of Israelis who want to garner power; and who consider themselves "power brokers."

As I pointed out, in a piece you haven't as yet "approved." There's a deadline, here in DC, for the congress critters to pass on health care reform.

Health care reform that once bit Bill Clinton in the tuchis. Circa 1992. When his wife thought she was going to head this new program. And, instead, in 1994, suddenly democraps lost their seats. And, the majority went to the GOP. Doesn't mean politicians know what to do as leaders. Most of them are egotists, lacking the brain power of strategy.

This is true all over. And, I'll throw Tony Blair into this disgusting mix, as well. And, James Baker. (Who probably cost the Bush family a sizable chunk of "legacy.") Does it matter? He became very rich.

We're still stuck in Iraq. And, Afghanistan. Not learning very much about fighting in hostile countries. And, a pentagon that has gotten so confused, that among the brass you're not going to find talent.

This is an old story. Lincoln couldn't find talent. It took him 4 years, and terrible losses. Plus, frustration. Before Grant came to be placed in charge. And, then six months worth of losses under Grant. Whose major difference is that those losses didn't stop him. He pursued Lee's Army! He went after them like nobody's business. And, he didn't care that his uniform was dirty. Grant went for total surrender; and, got it.

While most of the time, success is very hard to come by.

Which is one reason there is hope that this particular storm will pass. Hillary, by now, understands that's she's lost a "shot at the presidency." While Obama can't figure out anything beyond his Alinsky textbook. Which is to let the American Dream fail. He thinks socialism is a by-product. (So now, at least, you know his aims.) Does this surprise you?

You know, if you think about it, you can't divide Haifa. Yet it is a cosmopolitan city, well integrated with arabs. How come Jerusalem remains such a sore thumb? Economically weaker than Haifa, for sure. That people who live in a city buy bread and chickens? That's not how a city thrives. It thrives when the municipality functions.

Shaul B said...

I'm sorry, I confess - I don't understand the joke. It does sound like it should be funny, and I know a joke isn't funny if you have to explain it, but please could someone explain it to me so I can tell it to other people and at least make it sound funny to them? :)

Anonymous said...

Obama talks a lot, makes a lot of grandiose promises, promises to fix things. Everything sounds great, but 6 months later, its still going to be the same mess.

Anonymous said...


Obama: He flipped. And, he flopped. (I couldn't resist.)

Not that politicians will let you know that flop sweat is breaking out under their clothes. They'll act like nothing happened.

It's all a PR game. Except that it isn't.

By the way, Dubya Bush threw away his family's legacy. And, McCain? Brain dead. Couldn't win an election, because he couldn't convince the American people he could lead.

So, we're stuck.

We're stuck watching Obama trying to appease the Saud's. While my eyes at least see that Bibi played the hand he was dealt, correctly.

Obama thought? He could knock Bibi out of his prime minister's chair.

And, Obama sees the results. Bibi's stock went up.

While the American congress critters are beginning to worry that Obama looks more like the Edsel, on the showroom floor, NOT MOVING, than just about anything else.

Quick! Teach him how to moonwalk!

Gosh, so many American presidents. And, "wanna be's." 40 years after Mary Jo Kopeckni drowned; there was a replay of an old Volkswagon ad. The car was floating on water. And, the caption read: "If he were driving a VW he'd be president, today."

You want politics to produce better men? While I'm amazed at what passes for the routines politicians use to get elected.

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