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Monday, July 20, 2009
As I mentioned, Ynet is confirming that there conflict in Obama's Utopia.

The report states that there are "professional difference" between Mitchell and Clinton, which would help explain why Clinton has no clue as to Mitchell's itinerary and why Clinton seems to have been cut out of other key developments.

Meanwhile, Elliot Abrams says that Mitchell actually wants to resign - but Obama will only let him do that after he succeeds in getting some sort of settlement freeze. He continues on to make fun of Obama's policy and says that a settlement freeze at this point would backfire on Obama, who would then have to actually get the Arabs to give something in return. But if the freeze fails, He can still blame Israel, but then Mitchell retires in disgrace (or he can't retire at all).


Anonymous said...


In politics, when you're the leader of a democracy, you must first weigh what you do. Because you're going to be spending political capital.

Obama? What a rookie. He's already gone into the White House "closet" and removed Jimmy Carter's lesson book. (What's that? Jimmy Carter couldn't believe he'd lose to Ronald Reagan.)

At least, because God works in strange ways, Obama, instead of being on a roll, has discovered "set backs."

You think "set backs" are easy to cure? Not in politics! That George Mitchell wants to resign? You know, he's an old, old man. He can always just check himself into a hospital and feign a fainting spell.

You think I'm kidding?

If Hillary could kiss her elbow, she'd let you know it was a fortuous break. (Unfortunately, for the Clinton's, however), Hillary may not have a democrapic party to lead, ahead?

You think Livni's got the best seat in the Israeli political house? I think she sits on a carousel horse. She goes round in circles.

While Bibi? My goodness, look at how well he played the cards he was dealt.

Do you remember the big deal about the Cairo speech? Less than a week later Iran's fraudulent election blew sky high. While Obama has yet to find "solid footing."

You know, if you're going to gamble, and its an outdoor event, check the surface where the hooves run. Sometimes, you can learn enough to keep your money in your pocket. No horse can handle a slippery slope. And, Obama, for some reason confused free publicity with riding Americans into socialism.

Isn't it wonderful to learn how dead Marx really is.

As to the future, go ahead. Point to an American president, since Truman, who earned all that much respect? (I'll give you Reagan.) That's one. And, then there are all the failures.

Just like Tolstoy said: All happy marriages look alike. It's the unhappy ones that tell individual stories.

Same is also a political reality. Why did Obama go off the way he did? Not very different from Bush. Funny, when the ears and the eyes don't take in much information.

Neshama said...

Why can't he retire? He can just quit like the other guys who didn't like the administration's direction. Is he being threatened with losing his "Pension"?

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